The Harris County Toll Road Authority improves mobility in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area through excellence in the operation of urban toll highway systems, while upholding a commitment to leadership, public service, and quality of life.  The Toll Road Authority was created by Harris County Commissioners Court in 1983 after Harris County voters approved a referendum to release $900 million in bonds to construct toll roads in the rapidly growing Greater Houston Metropolitan area.

The Toll Road Authority, one of three engineering departments which comprise Harris County Public Infrastructure, is an Enterprise Fund of Harris County. HCTRA relies on charges from users of the toll road system to fund operations, debt service, and future projects. The Toll Road Authority is led by its Executive Director, Gary K.Trietsch, and operates through multiple divisions as illustrated in the organizational chart below.

HCTRA Financing

The referendum of September 1983 allowed the Harris County Commissioners Court to authorize the issuance of up to $900 million in general obligation bonds, backed by the tax credit of Harris County, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating toll roads in Harris County.

Harris County Public Infrastructure Department Organization

arris County Public Infrastructure Department

Harris County Toll Road Authority Organization

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Harris County Toll Road Authority Organization Chart