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January 1, 2002

Getting an EZ TAG Keeps Getting Easier

The Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) is well underway with construction of the new Westpark Tollway which will provide a much-needed transportation corridor for West Houston commuters. What you may not know is the new toll facility will be entirely automatic; meaning that access to the Westpark Tollway will be limited to EZ TAG patrons only.

While approximately 52 percent of HCTRA�s current customer base is now using the EZ TAG lanes on the Sam Houston and Hardy Toll Roads, that still leaves a good number of businesses and individual users who have not yet enrolled in the program. In order to ensure that those who will be using the new Westpark Tollway have their EZ TAGs prior to the Tollway's opening, HCTRA is now offering an on-site EZ TAG Enrollment Day which can be held at your place of business. An EZ TAG Customer Service Representative can be scheduled to host an Enrollment Day on a date and time convenient to you and your employees by calling 281-875-EASY. An information/enrollment center will be set up in a designated location at your facility and our EZ TAG Representative will provide applications, answer questions about the program, as well as ensure that each application is processed within two working days and will either mail or deliver the EZ TAGs back to your employees.

Even though completion of the Westpark Tollway is two years away, with early enrollment your employees can enjoy the time and cost-saving benefits of the EZ TAG program on the Sam Houston and Hardy Toll Roads immediately. HCTRA invites you to call 281-875-EASY or (832-601-7949) to schedule an EZ TAG Enrollment Day for your employees; or, for full-service 24 hour convenience you can now enroll in the program online at HCTRA's newest EZ TAG Store at .