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January 1, 2003

HCTRA Supports "Steer It ... Clear It" Campaign

In cooperation with Houston TranStar and regional partners, the Harris County Toll Road Authority is working to improve safety along the toll road system by implementing the new "Steer It... Clear It" campaign. The safety program now required by law states that when accidents occur, individuals should move their vehicles from the freeway to a safe location when there are no injuries requiring medical attention and when the vehicles can be moved

"We are pleased to be part of a program with such community support," said the Toll Road Authority's Director Mike Strech. "The safety of motorists on our system has always been a primary concern of this agency, and with the cooperation of our patrons in this new 'Steer It... Clear It' campaign we can reduce the potential for secondary accidents and enhance the safety of everyone concerned."

The Harris County Toll Road Authority has recently implemented a new incident management program that includes the rapid removal of "fender-bender" type accidents. Incident Management Administrator Randy Johnson said, "The Steer It... Clear It campaign has the full support of the law enforcement community and is a big part of our new incident management program. Not only does moving minor accidents off the road help protect those involved," he continued, "it facilitates a faster restoration of the normal flow of traffic. Another primary benefit of the program is that it also improves the safety of responding officers and other emergency service responders.

With the new "Steer It...Clear It" law now in effect, toll road motorists who may become involved in a minor accident are advised that under circumstances described above, vehicles should be moved off the mainlanes to a safe location for an exchange of driver information. "We believe this new program will provide an improved safety margin for our patrons and yet another incentive for motorists to choose to use the Harris County Toll Road system," Mr. Strech concluded.

As a reminder to motorist, HCTRA will be installing "Steer it... Clear It" signs along the system.