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February 15, 2008

Monthly Statements Available Online

Monthly statements are always available online which makes preparing your annual federal tax return easier.

Just log-on to your account, click the "Account Activity" tab, then choose "Statements." You can print each of the past months' statements out, individually. While searchable transaction activity remains accessible for three months, statements are available for the past 18 months.

Another option under the "Account Activity" tab is your yearly summary. This will total up all usage and re-bills on your account for a chosen year, for up to three years. Please note, this will include usage for all tags on your account.

Don't have an online account? Two steps is all it takes! You'll need your EZ Account number or EZ TAG number and your driver's license number (or Tax ID number for a business account). The same information will locate your login information you if you've forgotten it and need to reset your password.

If you have other questions or need further assistance, please contact customer service at (281) 875-3279 during normal business hours or via e-mail.