What if I did not own/rent the vehicle(s) at the time a toll violation event occurred?

If you did not own/rent the vehicle(s) at the time of a toll violation event shown on your toll violation invoice, please submit any of the following documents:

     Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification
     Bill of Sale dated and signed by both parties
     Title dated and signed by both parties
     Odometer Disclosure Statement including the date the vehicle was purchased/sold
     Repossession Statement dated and signed
     Police Report showing the vehicle was lost/stolen
     Letter from insurance company stating the vehicle was salvaged
     Statement from rental/leasing agency showing dates of lease

E-mail scanned copies of all supporting documentation and your toll violation invoice(s) to violations@hctra.org. All documentation received must include a date, the vehicle license plate number, and/or the VIN number to be accepted. If you are unable to scan and email the relevant documents, you may fax to 281-877-0402 or visit any of our EZ TAG Store locations during normal business hours. Should you have additional questions or concerns, call us during regular business hours and we will gladly assist you.