Toll Violations

What is a Toll Violation?

Pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 284, the vehicle owner or renter of record (not necessarily the driver) of a vehicle that passes through a toll facility is responsible for payment of all tolls. Failure to pay tolls is against the law and results in a violation invoice and/or referral to a collection firm. Toll violations may also result in issuance of a traffic citation, independent of an invoice, which carries a significant fine plus court costs.

Pay your Violation Invoices Online

In most cases you may pay your violation invoices online. Provide the information listed below to continue.

Be sure to use the license plate and invoice number listed on your invoice. Help me find this information on my invoice.

Be sure to use the license plate listed on the invoice.

Example: 01234567890

Toll Violation Events

When you access a toll road, payment is expected at the time of the transaction.

To make payment for a toll violation event which has not yet been invoiced to you, please call 281-875-3279 to pay by credit card. Payment may also be made by US check or money order at one of our EZ TAG Store locations, or by mail to the address below. Because toll payment is due at the time of the transaction, payment for a toll violation event will only be accepted as a one-time courtesy and is intended for drivers who have accidentally entered the toll road without the proper payment method. All future toll transactions will be processed as part of a Toll Violation Invoice if payment is not received at the time of the transaction, per Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 284.

HCTRA - Payment Processing
7701 Wilshire Place Drive
Houston, TX 77040-5326

Payment cannot be processed without your license plate number, state and contact information. Include the date, time and location of the event, if possible. Please do not send cash!

More Information


The Harris County Toll Road Authority has a hearing process in which assumed violators have the opportunity to present their argument to an Administrative Hearing Officer (judge).

Hearing Process What are the hearing process steps?

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