Toll Road Information – Roadside Assistance

The Harris County Toll Road Authority is proud to include PEAT, the agency's Patron Emergency Assistance Team, as a service to all its customers.

Call (713) 222-PEAT (7328) for roadside assistance

You know the scenario. Your tire has just blown out and you've managed to pull over to the shoulder. Do you have a spare? Is the jack there? When was the last time you changed a tire?

All good questions, but not the ones you want to ask or have to answer at 8:30 at night headed north on the Hardy Toll Road.

Before you know it, your wishes - and all the questions - are answered by a PEAT driver. This 'knight in shining armor' is part of a team of 42 drivers who patrol the Harris and Fort Bend County toll road systems. Riding the roads since 2001, this dedicated group assists more than 15,000 drivers a year with changing flat tires, jump starting vehicles or towing those in need of more than the basic services.  This team is also responsible for handling more than 105,000 other service calls for debris removal, traffic control, etc.

"We're called on to help people who are frightened and frustrated. My job is to turn that around and give them a feeling of security," says one PEAT driver of his work around the 132-mile toll road system in Harris and Fort Bend Counties.

PEAT's work is backed by toll road dispatchers and constables - all of them dedicated to helping stranded motorists get back on the road quickly and safely.

Quotes from satisfied PEAT customers

Roadside Assistance

A service of the Harris County Toll Road Authority

(713) 222-PEAT (7328)

Monday - Friday: 5:00 AM to Midnight

Saturday - Sunday: 5:30 AM to Midnight

For emergencies requiring police, fire or medical service, 911 is always the number to call.

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